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Middlesbrough: Health Department

As well as being responsible for general health matters in the town and port of Middlesbrough, the Health Department operates two isolation hospitals for infectious diseases on the edge of town (the Middlesbrough Fever Hospital, opened in 1872, and the Hemlington Hospital, opened in 1895), a tuberculosis sanatorium (Poole Sanatorium, opened in 1932), a tuberculosis dispensary and a VD clinic. There are also hospitals attached to the workhouse and the children's homes, which are run by the Public Assistance Committee, and a maternity home, which is run by the Maternity and Child Welfare Department.

The town's main general hospitals, however, are independent of the borough council: North Ormesby Hospital (established in 1861) and the North Riding Infirmary (established in 1864) are paid for by local people through voluntary health insurance contributions and the Carter Bequest Hospital (opened in 1926) is staffed by local general practitioners and is funded by a large bequest left by a wealthy local dignitary (although it also supplements its income by accepting private paying patients).

Altogether, Middlesbrough's hospitals can accommodate about 850 patients (including 250 patients in the isolation hospitals). The Middlesbrough Fever Hospital specialises in smallpox (although this has largely been eliminated in Britain by the 1920s and 1930s), typhoid and scarlet fever and also has an attached tuberculosis hospital.

There is a good article on the history of Middlesbrough's hospitals on The Northern Echo website.

Unless otherwise specified, all the nursing and domestic staff listed below are employed at the isolation hospitals.

Health Department
Post Gender Under-21 Number Annual Salary
Medical Officer of Health M N 1 £900
Tuberculosis Medical Officer M N 1 £725
Deputy Medical Officer of Health M N 1 £475
Vaccination Officer M N 1 £350
Senior Clerk & VD Clinic Assistant M N 1 £285
Tuberculosis Dispensary Nurse F N 3 £196-£200
Hospital Matron F N 1 £185
Sanatorium Gardener M N 3 £133-£164
Sanatorium Matron F N 1 £160
Hospital Boiler Attendant M N 1 £134
VD Clinic Attendant M N 1 £117
Sanatorium Overseer M N 1 £117
Ambulance Driver M N 1 £115
Clerk & VD Clinic Assistant M N 1 £110
Part-Time VD Clinic Medical Officer M N 2 £110
Chauffeur M N 1 £104
Sanatorium Farm Hand M N 1 £91
Home Sister F N 1 £90
Sanatorium Home Sister F N 1 £90
Tuberculosis Dispensary Clerk F N 1 £89
Night Sister F N 1 £80
Sanatorium Ward Sister F N 1 £80
Ward Sister F N 6 £75-£80
Sanatorium Handyman M N 1 £78
Junior Clerk M Y 1 £65
Hospital Cook F N 1 £60
Hospital Housekeeper F N 1 £60
Tuberculosis Dispensary Cleaner F N 1 £58
Head Hospital Laundress F N 1 £55
Hospital Clerk M N 1 £52
Hospital Porter M N 1 £52
Hospital Sewing Maid F N 1 £50
Sanatorium Cook F N 1 £50
Office Cleaner F N 1 £47
Staff Nurse F N 3 £45
Junior Tuberculosis Dispensary Clerk F Y 1 £41
Tuberculosis Hospital Cook F N 1 £40
Sanatorium Assistant Nurse F N 2 £40
Probationer Nurse F N 2 £30-£35
Probationer Nurse F Y 22 £25-£35
Red Cross Centre Cleaner F N 1 £32
Sanatorium Probationer Nurse F N 2 £30
Sanatorium Maid F N 2 £24-£30
Hospital Laundress F N 2 £25-£28
Hospital Maid F N 4 £22-£28
Sanatorium Probationer Nurse F Y 2 £25
Hospital Laundress F Y 2 £25
Hospital Maid F Y 21 £22-£25
Sanatorium Maid F Y 4 £24

The Deputy Medical Officer of Health is provided with free board and lodging (so presumably runs the hospitals directly).

Wages of hospital staff are set at national level.

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