Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Middlesbrough: Baths Department

I have recently discovered a complete list of employees of Middlesbrough Corporation in 1933/34. Middlesbrough is a largish town in Northern England (with a population of about 100,000 at the time). It was a county borough - a town which entirely governed itself and did not answer to a county council, and was therefore similar to an incorporated city in the United States. Middlesbrough's main industry was steel production, although it had a very high unemployment rate.

I shall post tables of staff and salaries by department. This gives a good idea of what wages were like in Britain in the early 1930s and 1920s (there wasn't a great deal of difference throughout the period and wages of many occupations were set nationally) and also what the establishment was like for a town like Middlesbrough.

In most cases, of course, women were paid less than men and under-21s (the age of majority) were paid less than over-21s.

Baths Department
Post Gender Under-21 Number Annual Salary
Baths Superintendent M N 1 £350
Engineer M N 1 £164
Turkish Bath Attendant M N 2 £125-£164
Stoker M N 2 £125
Swimming Bath Attendant M N 2 £125
Branch Baths Superintendent M N 2 £117-£124
Clerk F N 2 £58-£78
Laundry Assistant F N 1 £65
Swimming Bath Attendant M Y 1 £65
Slipper Baths Attendant M Y 2 £24-£52
Female Assistant F N 1 £47
Laundry Assistant M Y 1 £47
Female Assistant F Y 2 £32-£39
Branch Baths Assistant M Y 2 £26-£37
Turkish Bath Boy M Y 2 £24-£26

The baths superintendent and branch baths superintendents actually run their institutions jointly with their wives and the salaries are also joint. The branch superintendents are provided with a house free of charge.

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  1. This is cool. I'm going to have to refer to this in future. I generally run games a little later in the British Home Front era but it still gives me an idea about the sort of jobs a person might have.