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List of Arkham Inhabitants

This is a list of all individuals mentioned in Call of Cthulhu books as living in Arkham in the 1920s. It is a work in progress and will be added to as and when I have time.

Note that there are spoilers in this table.

SurnameFirst Name(s)Address1DescriptionSource(s)2
----201 E Derby St (h)Unidentified inmate of Arkham Sanitarium, narrator of "The Festival"201
--Art139 E Armitage St (w)Proprietor of Art's Billiards215
--Dan721 N Garrison St (w)Speakeasy bartender104
--Greg "the Monster"Rivershore (h)Vagrant, cannibal501
--Hiram211 N East St (h/w)Junkman512
--Josh387 W Armitage St (w)Co-proprietor of The Desolate Highway Café129
--Mona615 S French Hill St (h)Prostitute, petty thief914
--Sam721 N Garrison St (w)Speakeasy doorman104
--Virgilio "Big Red"620 S French Hill St (w)Manager of the Unione Italiano913
AbbottJ. J.588 Jenkin St (w)Taxidermist119
AbbottDr LawrenceCharles Tyner Science Annex (w)Department of Engineering, Dean of Applied Sciences, Miskatonic University612
AberstromMiss Jenny288 W Church St (w)Beautician, hairdresser432
AceRichard Henry433 W Main St (w)Locksmith, proprietor of Ace Alarms & Lock-Safes415
AdamsChief Benijah418 E Armitage St (w)Fire Chief236
AdamsRider421 E Main St (w)Proprietor of Arkham General Store502
Adams--315 E Water St (w)Proprietor of Adams Lumber Yard240
AlewifeAnthony670 Gedney St (f)Miskatonic University student, amateur actorTAA
AllenMiss Beatrice753 Noyes St (h)Madwoman303
AmbroseJoe750 E Armitage St (w)Maintenance man at Arkham Worsted Mills, coven member1007
AmesEnod406 W Miskatonic Ave (h)House painter, handymanTC
AmesDr SWansonLiberal Arts Building (w)Department of English, Miskatonic University, Director of Miskatonic University Press615
AndersonArthur422 N Garrison St (w)Manager of the First National Grocery Store243, K402
AndersonBen353 W Main StProprietor of Anderson's Furniture & Carpets417
Anderson--650 Armitage St (w)Proprietor of Anderson's Chemical Supply307
AndrewsMiss --109 E High St (h/w)Proprietor of Miss Andrews' Social Parlour903
AngleyDr RobertScience Hall (w)Department of Botany, Miskatonic University612, TAA
AppleyBartholomew, IVW Saltonstall St (h)Dilettante, car thief139
ArleyBertFrench Hill St (h/w)Proprietor of Arley's Boat & Bait505
ArmbrusterRev Wharton651 W Washington St (w)Minister of the Arkham Reserved Congegational Church817
ArmitageMrs Eleanor417 W Miskatonic Ave (h)Wife of Henry Armitage623, 808
ArmitageDr Henry417 W Miskatonic Ave (h)
Orne Library (w)
Director of the Orne Library, Miskatonic University623, 808
ArmwrightDr Chester676 W College St (w)Dean of Medicine, Miskatonic University609
ArthurDouglas378 S West St (w)Miskatonic University track & field coach608
AshbourneMaster Bobby298 W High Lane (w)Western Union telegram messenger132
AshleyDr Ferdinand CLiberal Arts Building (w)Department of Ancient History, Miskatonic University615
AskerJacobEast St & River St (w)Blacksmith, livery stable proprietor511, TAA
AtwaterHenry259 S Garrison St (w)Botany student at Miskatonic University, sales assistant at Almen's FlowersTC
AtwoodProf DonaldScience Hall (w)Department of Physics, Miskatonic University612
AveryFenner185 W Main St (w)Tobacconist425
BabsonMiss EuniceCrowninshield Manor (h/w)Housemaid1012
Bacon Everett -- Bootlegger DITW
BallardHarveyHigh Lane & Peabody Ave (w)Car salesman, driving instructor229
BeckworthRobert "Little Bob", Jr350 W Armitage St (w)
411 W High St (f)
Financier, property developer, proprietor of the Beckworth Development Co812, DON
BeemisHaroldItinerantTramp, coven member1007
BenitoLou620 S French Hill St (f)Gang lieutenant913
BensonJasper276 E Main St (w)Grocer452
BethnellDr AbramLiberal Arts Building (w)Chairman of the Department of Anthropology, Miskatonic University615
BillingsDr MorrisScience Hall (w)Department of Astronomy, Miskatonic University612, TAA, THRW
BishopFr Archibald150 S Parsonage St (w)Parish Priest of Christchurch Episcopal448, TAA
BishopSermonBishop's Bridge (f)Ancient wizardTC
BladesellJermyn Horton916 High Lane (h)--TAA
BradburyRobert "Bob"378 S West St (w)Director of Facilities & Grounds, Miskatonic University608
BridgetonLt Col Aubrey560 Marsh St (f)XO, Co B, 23rd Massachusetts Volunteers244
BrownGordon350 W Armitage St (w)Stockbroker118
BryantMather135 E Church St (w)Pharmacist445
Bunker--602 W Saltonstall St (w)Whitechapel Nursing HomeTAA
BundenMalcolm420 N Peabody Ave (w)Bookbinder, publisher237
CameronDr W EScience Hall (w)Dean of Physical Sciences, Miskatonic University612
CardiganRichard--Botany student at Miskatonic UniversityTC
CartwrightHenry378 S West St (w)Miskatonic University gymnastics & fencing coach608
CaseliusLazlo388 W Church St (w)Jeweller, gemcutter429, 427
CassidyEdwin "Ed"350 W Armitage St (w)Attorney118
ChambersBertrand589 Marsh St (w)Attorney, mob employee216
Chanson"Dr" Delbert297 E College St (w)Proprietor of the School of Positive Thinking717
CharltonFrankWest Dormitory (h)Philosophy student at Miskatonic UniversityALK
ChaseDr AaronLiberal Arts Building (w)Chairman of the Department of Classical Languages, Miskatonic University615
CheckleyMaster Adam--Son of Jason CheckleyDON
CheckleyJason633 Noyes St (h)Former director of the Checkley InstituteDON
CheckleyMiss Jessica--Daughter of Jason CheckleyDON
CheckleyMiss Rosemary--Daughter of Jason CheckleyDON
ChristianMiss --577 Jenkin St (h/w)Elocution teacher117
ClarkMiss Elizabeth276 W Saltonstall St (h/w)Boarding house proprietor814
Cochran Jack -- Bootlegger DITW
CoreyDr Nathaniel166 E Pickman St (h)Physician, inmate of the Larkin Institute902
CoreyMrs ----Nathaniel Corey's wife902
CouzonAlain288 Lich St (h)Hypnotist716, TAA
CraigLee E666 N Peabody Ave (w)Municipal Attorney210
CraneBenson132 E High St (h)--TC
CraneMichael350 W Hyde St (w)
411 W High St (f)
Owner & managing editor of the Arkham Gazette108, TAA
CraneMrs --132 E High St (h)Wife of Benson CraneTC
CrawfordMrs Ellen753 Noyes St (h)Widow303
CrossmanWillard--Retired financierDON
CrowninProf PeterLiberal Arts Building (w)Department of English, Dean of Languages, Literature & the Arts, Miskatonic University615
CunninghamAlbert321 W Main St (w)Pet shop proprietor419, TAA
CzeklovArno--Son of Peter CzeklovTAA
CzeklovPeter679 Brown St (f)--TAA
CzeklovRichard--Son of Peter CzeklovTAA
CzeklovMrs Rosa--Wife of Peter CzeklovTAA
CzyenckRobert467 Marsh St (w)Proprietor of the Northside Market, coven member228, 1007
DahlbergGregory433 N Peabody Ave (w)Manager of the Arkham Cab Co234
DelworthAugust--Miskatonic University student, playwrightTAA
Dennison--148 E Armitage St (w)Proprietor of Dennison's Ice Cream Emporium227
DerbyMrs Asenath WaiteCrowninshield Manor (h)Miskatonic University student1012, ALK
DerbyEdward PickmanCrowninshield Manor (h)Poet803, 1012
DiddlebockHarold551 N Peabody Ave (w)Assistant Town ManagerTAA
Dombrowski--197 E Pickman St (h)Landlord of the Witch House711
DombrowskiMrs --197 E Pickman St (h)Landlady of the Witch House711
Donnelly Doyle -- Bootlegger DITW
Dulagi"Madame" --648 Walnut St (h/w)Fortune teller911, TAA
DunhamMiss Elizabeth--Daughter of Emily DunhamTAA
DunhamMrs Emily Harris--WidowTAA
DunlapEd179 W Armitage St (w)Vacuum cleaner salesman, Mi-Go agent134
DyerDr WilliamScience Hall (w)Department of Geology, Dean of Natural Sciences, Miskatonic University612
EastmanDr P GLiberal Arts Building (w)Acting Chairman of the Department of English, Miskatonic University615
EdmundDr David333 W College St (w)Vice-President of Miskatonic University625
EleazarJasper549 S French Hill St (w)Undertaker910
ElleryDr DewartCharles Tyner Science Annex (w)Department of Metallurgy, Miskatonic University612
ElwoodFrank197 E Pickman St (h)
Science Hall (w)
Mathematics student at Miskatonic University711
EndicottMelvin Mowry----TAA
EstheridgeMrs Mildred288 W High St (h)Former co-directress of the Checkley InstituteDON
EvansBernard237 W Main StOptometrist422
FeldmanDr G R350 W Armitage St (w)Dentist, oral surgeon118
FenDr MartinLiberal Arts Building (w)Chairman of the Department of History, Miskatonic University615
FennerMelFenner's Road House (h/w)Proprietor of Fenner's Road House1015
Flaherty Will -- Bootlegger DITW
FlintAbigail122 W Pickman St (h/w)Manageress of the Harriet Botsford Hotel for Women628
FlintClell233 E Church St (w)Co-proprietor of F&M Trains & Toys455
FosworthBrian276 E Main St (w)Delivery driver for Benson's MarketDON
FowlerGoody --Old Wooded Graveyard (f)Evil ghost402, 1009, AU
Franklin--587 W Pickman St (h/w)Boarding house proprietor801
FranklinMrs --587 W Pickman St (h/w)Boarding house proprietor801
FreebornDr Tyler MLiberal Arts Building (w)Department of Anthropology, Miskatonic University615
Freen"St Looey" Larry721 N Garrison St (f)Bunko artist104
GammellMiss Harriet--Daughter of Ruby GammellTAA
GammellHerbert--Son of Ruby GammellTAA
GammellHezekiah--Son of Ruby GammellTAA
GammellMrs Ruby Dunham--Daughter of Emily DunhamTAA
GaspardJason131 E Saltonstall St (h)Occultist, leader of the Eye of Amara Society904
GedneyHarvey389 W Armitage St (w)Owner & managing editor of the Arkham Advertiser128
GedneyJames35 W Armitage St (w)Stockbroker118
GianelliMiss Catarina--Daughter of Giuseppe GianelliTAA
GianelliMrs Elena--Wife of Giuseppe GianelliTAA
GianelliMaster Francesco--Son of Giuseppe GianelliTAA
GianelliMiss Maria--Daughter of Giuseppe GianelliTAA
GianelliMaster Roberto--Son of Giuseppe GianelliTAA
GianelliMaster Vincenzo--Son of Giuseppe GianelliTAA
GilmanWalter197 E Pickman St (h)
Science Hall (w)
Mathematics student at Miskatonic University612, 711, AU
Gilman--298 W Church St (w)Proprietor of Gilman's Office Supplies431
GoddardDr ArthurLiberal Arts Building (w)Chairman of the Department of Fine Arts, Miskatonic University615
GolditzMeyer276 W Saltonstall St (h)
>200 W Main St (w)
Mob accountant, Lucky Clover Cartage Co bookkeeper412, 814
GordonHerb334 S Parsonage St (w)Mechanic at Miskatonic University Garage707
GreelyDr ArchibaldScience Hall (w)School of Physical Sciences, Miskatonic University612
GroatSgt --560 Marsh St (f)Motor Pool Sergeant, Co B, 23rd Massachusetts Volunteers244
HardenHerbert226 E Main St (w)Used bookseller450
HardenDet Luther302 E Armitage St (w)Chief of Detectives232
HardingMrs Grace561 Brown St (h/w)Boarding house proprietor115
HardingWilliam "Bill"561 Brown St (h/w)Boarding house proprietor115, TAA
HardstromDr Eric225 E Derby St (w)Director of Arkham Sanitarium201
HardwickeMorton562 Jenkin St (w)Proprietor of Hardwicke's Stamps & Coins120, TAA
HarriganDet Mickey302 E Armitage St (w)Police detective232
HarringtonStanley "Stan"Arkham Airfield (w)Proprietor of Arkham Airfield, flying instructor1013, TAA
HarrisLester--Brother of Ruby DunhamTAA
HarrisRoy--Brother of Ruby DunhamTAA
HarrisonMiss Henrietta168 W Church St (w)Manageress of the Sears-Roebuck Catalog Store458
HartMaj Charles560 Marsh St (f)Quartermaster, Co B, 23rd Massachusetts Volunteers244
HartwellDr Morton507 W Miskatonic Ave (h/w)Physician807
HaskettCorey Derby----TAA
HaskettMiss Melissa Susanna--Daughter of Corey Derby HaskettTAA
HaskettMrs ----Wife of Corey Derby HaskettTAA
HathorneCol William560 Marsh St (f)CO, Co B, 23rd Massachusetts Volunteers244
HayesDr HamlinCharles Tyner Science Annex (w)
Kingsport Head (w)
Department of Electrical Engineering, Miskatonic University612, KH
HearneAlex488 W High Lane (h)Mugger130
HeathKenneth136 E Curwen St (h/w)Private investigator204
Heingrapper"Bucky"Arkham Airfield (w)Aircraft & motor mechanic1013
HelcimerDanté587 W Pickman St (h)Mythos scholar801
HendersonMrs Emily551 N Peabody Ave (f)Selectwoman for Easttown WardTAA
HenryMiss Roberta389 W Armitage St (w)Reporter on the Arkham Advertiser128, TAA
HopeMrs Nina Williams374 W Curwen St (h)--TC
HopkinsAdam378 S West St (w)Miskatonic University basketball coach608
IwanickiFr Casimir522 Walnut St (w)Parish Priest of St Stanislaus Catholic Church906
JaywilMalvinaW Church St (w)Bookseller434
JenkinEldon550 E Main St (w)Principal of the East Public High School508
JohnstonWilliam Danvers150 E Hyde St (w)
411 W High St (f)
Vice-President of Arkham First National Bank, coven member1007
JonesB F244 E Main St (w)Ironmonger451
KanumDonald378 S WEst St (w)Director of Physical Education, Miskatonic University608
KeatsCapt William302 E Armitage St (w)Police executive officer232
Keenan--152 E College St (w)Laundry proprietor709
KilbraithDr GeorgeLiberal Arts Building (w)Chairman of the Department of Philosophy, Miskatonic University615
LakeDr PercyScience Hall (w)School of Biology, Miskatonic University612
LarkinJanet551 N Peabody Ave (w)Town Clerk221
LarkinDr Parker166 E Pickman St (w)Psychiatrist, Director & proprietor of the Larkin Institute902
LaRueAbigailW Miskatonic Ave (h/w)Housemaid, coven member1007
LearyEddie200 W Main St (w)Mob enforcer, Lucky Clover Cartage Co foreman412, DITW
LillibridgeGeorge561 Brown St (h)Surveyor115
LiouPin443 Fish St (h/w)Tattooist238
LlanferDr WilfredOrne Library (w)Assistant Director of the Orne Library, Miskatonic University623
LoganOff Robert E302 E Armitage St (w)POlice officerDON
LymanSawyer350 W Armitage St (w)Tower Building nightwatchman118
MackeyMrs Catherine Marsh--Daughter of Joshua MarshTAA
McNeelyMike433 N Peabody Ave (w)Cab driverTC
MalkowskiDr Stanley574 Walnut St (h)Physician907
MalloyJohn205 W Main St (w)Clock dealer & repairer423
ManelliAlberto307 W Main St (w)Music store proprietor, baritone, singing teacher420
MantonJoel180 W Lich St (h)
601 W Main St (w)
Superintendent of Public Schools403, 406, 508
Manton--350 W Armitage St (w)Realtor118, TAA
MarkhamCaleb206 E Main St (w)Locksmith449
MarshBecknell--Son of Joshua MarshTAA
MarshMaster Charles--Son of Perkins MarshTAA
MarshMrs Ida May--Wife of Joshua MarshTAA
MarshJedediah622 Jenkin St (w)Attorney110
MarshJeremiah--At sea, son of Joshua MarshTAA
MarshMatthew Dana--Son of Joshua MarshTAA
MarshPerkins--Son of Jedediah MarshTAA
Marsh--172 W Church St (w)Proprietor of Marsh's Confectionery436
MarshMrs ----Wife of Perkins MarshTAA
MartelleDean233 E Church St (w)Co-proprietor of F&M Trains & Toys455
MaruzzoLuca348 S Sentinel St (w)Proprietor of the Southside Gym, boxing trainer720
MasonKeziah197 E Pickman St (f)
Orne's Gangway (f)
Unvisited Island (f)
Ancient witch409, 711, 722, 1007, AU
Mehler--171 Lich St (w)Undertaker705
MertonRichard6-- W Main St (h)--TC
MertonMrs --6-- W Main St (h)--TC
MillerDr ConradScience Hall (w)Dean of Biology, Miskatonic University612
MiroMrs Bettina Czeklov--Daughter of Peter CzeklovTAA
MorencyFr Anthony554 S French Hill St (w)Parish Priest of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church909
MorganDr FrancisLiberal Arts Building (w)
Chapman Farm (f)
Arkham Airfield (f)
Chairman of the Department of Archaeology, Miskatonic University615
MuelhigDr Heinrich T555 Marsh St (h/w)Psychoanalyst219
MurrayArthur333 W Main St (w)Dance teacher418
NangeloMiss Vittoria--Student at Miskatonic UniversityALK
Neeley--W Miskatonic Ave (h)--1007
NeeleyMrs --W Miskatonic Ave (h)--1007
NicholsChief AsaHigh St (h)
302 E Armitage St (w)
679 Brown St (f)
650 N Garrison St (f)
Chapman Farm (f)
Chief of Police232, 416
NicholsMrs OrretteHigh St (h)Chief's wife232
NoyesAbbot520 Jenkin St (w)Co-proprietor of the Worldwide Clipping ServiceTAA
NoyesBradbury520 Jenkin St (w)Co-proprietor of the Worldwide Clipping ServiceTAA
NoyesRev Charles214 Lich St (w)Minister of the First Baptist Church of Arkham715
NoyesJeffery115 E Curwen St (h)--TC
O'BannionDaniel "Danny"111 W Pickman St (h)
200 W Main St (w)
Mobster, Lucky Clover Cartage Co proprietor412, 718, 810, AU, K113, TAA
O'BrianMiss Hattie276 W Saltonstall St (h)
428 W Church St (w)
Boutique proprietor, seamstress428, 814, TAA
O'Brien Thom -- Bootlegger DITW
OwenClaudeWest Dormitory (h)
676 W College St (w)
Medical student at Miskatonic UniversityALK
PabodieDr Frank H587 W Pickman St (h)
Charles Tyner Science Annex (w)
Department of Engineering, Miskatonic University612, 801
ParkinsonElihu "Flip"378 S West St (w)Miskatonic University football coach608, TAA
ParringtonEdward417 W Main St (w)
Chapman Farm (f)
PeabodyDr AllenLiberal Arts Building (w)Chairman of the Department of Modern Languages, Miskatonic University615
PeabodyE Lapham531 S Garrison St (w)Curator of the Arkham Historical Society901
PeabodyMiss Elizabeth670 Gedney St (f)Mayor's daughter, amateur actress109
PeabodyJoseph551 N Peabody Ave (f)
411 W High St (f)
Mayor of Arkham221, TAA
PeabodyMiss Wilma111 W College St (f)President of Arkham SPCA, Mayor's sister627
PeasleeProf Nathaniel Wingate588 Crane St (h)
Liberal Arts Building (w)
Department of Economics & Sociometrics, Miskatonic University606, 615, 805, AU
PeasleeDr Wingate588 Crane St (h)
Science Hall (w)
Arkham Airfield (f)
Department of Psychology, Miskatonic University606, 612, 1013
PeckWillard350 W Hyde St (w)Chief reporter of the Arkham Gazette108
PenobscottHoward333 W College St (w)Miskatonic University student, managing editor of The Miskatonic University Cryer625
PerkinsEdwin White, III131 E Saltonstall St (f)Dilettante, coven member1007
PetrucciAldo708 French Hill St (w)Barber916
PhelpsHoward Whipple----TAA
PhelpsMiss Lucy--Daughter of Howard Whipple PhelpsTAA
PhelpsMrs ----Wife of Howard Whipple PhelpsTAA
PhillipsRetribution "Grampa"Phillips Farm (h)PensionerTC
PierceAlexander648 Federal St (h)AntiquarianTC
PierceAmmiPierce Farm (h/w)Farmer1011
PierceMiss Anita665 W Church St (w)Principal of Arkham Public High School603
Pike--338 W Church St (w)Gentlemen's outfitter, tailor430
PinterDr Bill184 E Saltonstall St (h/w)Veterinarian905
PortmanStewart299 W Pickman St (h)Dilettante, book collector, rapist809
PotrelloGiuseppe "Joe"620 S French Hill St (f)Gangster913, AU
PottsElijah113 S Boundary St (h/w)Monumental mason405
PutnamJanice531 S Garrison St (w)Receptionist at the Arkham Historical SocietyTC
RandallKeezar666 N Peabody Ave (w)
411 W High St (f)
Municipal Judge210, 812
RankowitzRuby488 W High Lane (w)Chambermaid at the Borden ArmsDON
RiceProf WarrenLiberal Arts Building (w)Acting Chairman of the Department of Classical Languages, Miskatonic University615
RodneyMiss --511 Gedney St (w)Clerk at E. E. Saltonstall & AssociatesTAA
RopesLester531 S Garrison St (w)Librarian of the Arkham Historical SocietyTC
RosenDavidLiberal Arts Building (w)Artist-in-residence at Miskatonic University615
SaltonstallE. E.511 Gedney St (w)Attorney123, TAA
SanderPete443 N Garrison St (w)Proprietor of Sander's Wax Museum, portrait photographer, signpainter136
SargentMrs AbigailCrowninshield Manor (h/w)Servant1012
SargentMosesCrowninshield Manor (h/w)Servant1012
SchmidtGunther137 N Sentinel St (h/w)Glazier510, TAA
ShaladDr Moamar622 Brown St (h)
Liberal Arts Building (w)
Chairman of the Department of Oriental Studies, Miskatonic University106, 615
ShearProf Harold680 W Miskatonic Ave (h)
Science Hall (w)
Chairman of the Department of Chemistry, Miskatonic University612, 816
ShearMaster Jonathan680 W Miskatonic Ave (h)Harold Shear's son, arsonist816
ShearMrs --680 W Miskatonic Ave (h)Harold Shear's wife816
Sheehan--411 Fish St (w)Proprietor of Sheehan Contractor Supply239
SheeneFr Paul432 Lich St (w)Parish Priest of St Michael's Catholic Church718
ShepleyRitter715 Dyer St (w)Manager or proprietor of the Fleetwood DinerTAA
ShrewsburyDr Laban498 W Curwen St (h)Anthropologist103, AU, TAA
SillsBobby267 E Church St (h)
200 W Main St (w)
Mob lieutenant412, 456, DITW
SinderwaldDr Garrison567 Marsh St (w)Physician, cosmetic surgeon218
SlocumDarrell551 N Peabody Ave (w)Town Manager221, 1007
SlocumMrs Marla428 W Church St (w)Saleslady at Hattie's Boutique, coven member1007
SmithMrs Ellen Whipple450 S West St (w)Nurse at St Mary's Hospital, coven member1007
SmithMiss Georgia374 W Curwen St (w)HousemaidTC
SmithMrs Harriet288 Lich St (h/w)Boarding house proprietor716
SmithPhineas288 Lich St (h/w)Boarding house proprietor716
SpauldingGeorge551 N Peabody Ave (f)Selectman for Uptown WardTAA
SpencerRev Dr Willet656 Federal St (w)Minister of the First Unitarian Church of Arkham303
SpragueDr Ephraim350 W Armitage St (w)Physician, Essex County Medical Examiner118, K301
StewartGerald211 E Church St (w)Proprietor, Stewart's Caravan454
StieglitzElliot350 W Armitage St (w)Insurance broker118
StieglitzMichael350 W Armitage St (w)Insurance broker118
StollDonaldKingsport Head (w)Graduate student, Department of Electrical Engineering, Miskatonic UniversityKH
StuckeyDet Ray302 E Armitage St (w)Police detective, mob employee232
SuttonRev Dr Eben651 W Saltonstall St (w)Minister of the First Presbyterian Church of Arkham806
SwainDaniel665 W Church St (w)Teacher at Arkham Public High School, coven member1007
SykesAbelHigh Lane & Peabody Ave (w)Proprietor, Phillips 66 Station235
SzymanskiMrs --574 Walnut St (h/w)Boarding house proprietor907
Taranowski--511 Brown St (w)
157 E Church St (w)
Baker116, 446
ThorneMrs MelissaHalsey St (h/w)Prostitute310
ThurberHoward AtchisonW Derby St (h)
679 Brown St (f)
650 N Garrison St (f)
Retired associate professor of engineering, Miskatonic UniversityTAA
TillinghastEdwin "Ed"588 Gedney St (w)Rare bookseller, historian124, DON, TAA
TillinghastGeorge261 W Main St (w)Antique dealer, historian421
TilstromMiss Jennifer--Coven member1007
TorstenMiss Sheila157 E Church St (w)Assistant at Taranowski's Bakery, coven member446, 1007
TroutErnieArmitage St & Garrison St (w)Newsvendor, information broker135
TurnerMrs AliceLiberal Arts Building (w)
670 Gedney St (f)
Director of Theater, Miskatonic University615
TurnerDr Allen350 W Armitage St (w)Physician, psychoanalyst118
UpdikeBob224 W Church St (w)Co-proprietor of The University ShopTAA
UpdikeJerry224 W Church St (w)Co-proprietor of The University ShopTAA
UphamDr HiramScience Hall (w)Chairman of the Astor Department of Mathematics, Miskatonic University612
UptonDaniel662 W Saltonstall St (h)Architect803
UptonMrs --662 W Saltonstall St (h)Daniel Upton's wife803
UptonMaster --662 W Saltonstall St (h)Daniel Upton's son803
ValenciaRobert197 W Main St (w)Proprietor of The Radio Center, radio repairer, radio ham, record saleman424
VanderveldenReid387 W Armitage StCo-proprietor of The Desolate Highway Café129
Ver HovenAndreas451 W Main St (w)Art gallery owner, restorer414
WadeRandle682 Marsh St (w)Proprietor of the Diamond Credit Agency, pawnbroker, fence207
WainscottDr Harvey333 W College St (w)President of Miskatonic University625, TAA
WaiteElisha288 Lich St (h)
478 W Church St (w)
Gold & silversmith427, 716
Walden Mike -- Bootlegger DITW
WaldronDr CecilScience Hall (w)Miskatonic University Campus Physician612
WaldronDr Morton676 W College St (w)School of Medicine, Miskatonic UniversityALK
WallaceRev Dr Ezekiel640 Marsh St (w)Pastor of the Asbury ME Church206
WaltersTimothy "Tim"131 W Main St (w)Proprietor of Walters' Optics & Fancy Toys, astronomer426, TAA
WardenDr AlexScience Hall (w)
131 E Saltonstall St (f)
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Miskatonic University612
WeilderGregor191 N French Hill St (h/w)Glassblower506
WestgateDr AnthonyLiberal Arts Building (w)Chairman of the Department of Economics & Sociometrics, Miskatonic University615
WhitbyMiss Ruth Ellen333 W College St (w)Registrar of Miskatonic University625
WhiteHumphrey233 S Parsonage St--TC
WhiteJames Allen511 Gedney St (w)Attorney, coven member1007
WhiteMrs --233 S Parsonage St (h)Wife of Humphrey WhiteTC
WhitmanDr StanleyLiberal Arts Building (w)Department of English, Miskatonic University615
WhitmarshMiss Ellen630 Marsh St (w)Librarian of Arkham Public Library208
WhittakerEli487 N Peabody Ave (w)Postmaster233
WilcoxDr HarveyLiberal Arts Building (w)Department of History, Dean of History & the Social Sciences, Miskatonic University615
Williams"Biff"West Dormitory (h)Student at Miskatonic UniversityALK
WilloughbyEd270 S West St (w)Foreman on Jonathan Edwards HallTAA
WilmarthProf Albert N118 W Saltonstall St (h)
Liberal Arts Building (w)
Department of English, Miskatonic University615, 815, AU
WilsonHagan615 S French St (h)
131 E Saltonstall St (f)
WilsonDr Horton522 W Saltonstall St (h/w)Physician805
WinklerMrs Edith195 E Church St (h/w)Proprietor of the Arkham Gift Shop447
WinsideDr Homer259 S Garrison St (w)Proprietor of Almen's Flowers, botanist703
WoodbridgeDr GammellCharles Tyner Science Annex (w)Department of Engineering, Miskatonic University612
WoodwardBen148 E Main St (w)Proprietor of Markwil's Theatrical Supply443
WvinchGerrhardt611 Gedney St (h)Medium111, TAA

1 (f) = frequents, (h) = home, (w) = work
2 See Abbreviations for Sources below

Abbreviations for Sources

Note that I've been playing and collecting CoC books a long time. The books listed will generally be the first edition unless otherwise noted. H. P. Lovecraft's Arkham, for example, has changed many of the addresses of businesses in the town, but those on my list are the old addresses.

AbbreviationScenario etcBook
101-1015GazetteerArkham Unveiled
ALK"A Little Knowledge"Arkham Unveiled
AUIntroductory chaptersArkham Unveiled
DITW Dead in the Water Kingsport: The City in the Mists
DON"Dead of Night"Arkham Unveiled
KGazetteerKingsport: The City in the Mists
KHKingsport HeadKingsport: The City in the Mists
TAAThe Arkham Advertiser (insert)Arkham Unveiled
TC"The Condemned"Arkham Unveiled
THRW"The Hills Rise Wild"Arkham Unveiled


  1. With Lovecraft, or with those who write in his vein, it may be best to view character names with some suspicion, as possibly having some erudite meaning buried in them as a clue.

    Take for instance Mrs. Melissa Thorne of Halsey Street, described solely as "Prostitute."

    Mrs. Thorne's given name was in fact the title of the "divine prostitutes": the Melissai (honeybees) were the priestesses of the cult of Aprodite, while both the High Priestess and the Goddess herself (giver of the Great Sweetness, Love) were addressed as "Melissa."

    Meanwhile, the rune Thorn Þ has been associated with the male genital (thus the slang term "prick"), an interesting note following a name that means "honeybee" given that bees also have stings.

    Mrs. Melissa Thorne may be much more than she appears. A priestess, perhaps, and a powerful one.

  2. Although the whole point of Arkham is that by and large it is a normal town which just happens to play host to some odd goings-on. If every individual had some Mythos significance it would, I think, detract from the normality which contrasts so starkly with the Mythos. In my Arkham (and, indeed, in Keith Herber's Arkham, and almost certainly in Lovecraft's Arkham too), the vast majority of the inhabitants are ordinary people with ordinary jobs leading ordinary lives.

  3. From a distance.

    And until they dream....

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